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Cash vs Cashless

Barbers who take card payments, not just cash in hand have advantages over those barbers that only accept cash.

Debit and Credit Cards are becoming the preferred method of payment in 78% of retail sales. The technology has made transactions faster and more convenient than ever.

2017 saw cards overtake cash as Britain’s main payment method. This trend set to continue: by 2024, cashless transactions are estimated to reach 16 billion, equivalent to £718 billion.

Most customers like cards and contactless payments because they’re quick, easy, secure and safer than carrying cash. While cash payments are in decline: by 2026, it’s expected cash will make up just 21% of all sales.

Simple for everyone

Card payments are convenient and the growing demands give a compelling reason to accept card payments. But you can also benefit from using a card machine in some ways.

Guaranteed payment. When a customer pays using Chip & PIN you’re guaranteed to receive payment without any disputes.


Speedy service. Card transactions – even Chip & PIN ones – are faster than counting cash. And contactless technology is a superb queue-buster for any kind of business. More custom, shorter queues. What’s not to love?


Helpful extras. Our value-added services can deliver performance reports in an instant, let you monitor all your transactions from a single dashboard, ensure you never have to worry about till roll replacement, and more.

You don’t necessarily need a card machine for your business to accept card payments. If you have a website you can set up a payment board to take card payments. However, you will need to check with your provider as charges will vary.

Another option is to have the payment paid directly into your account. It's quick, simple and no fuss. As long as you give your clients your account number and sort code, you won't have to worry about physical payments again.

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