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An insight into my craft; well, I have to start with my pedigree and lineage.

Our grandfather handed down the mantle to us, and his inheritance was the hands and personality needed to ply our trade.

I have always been around barbering,

many times as a young boy, I sat audience to my father as he made his wahl machine work.

Hearing the legendary narration of my grandfather's role as a foundational part of afro-Caribbean barbering in the UK has inspired and led me on an inevitable pathway.

Studying at the London Beauty Institute further enhanced my skills where I homed the art of cutting European, Asian and mixed ethnicity texture hair.

For years I have worked in a salon in a multi-ethnic community gaining invaluable experience.

There is a natural feel when I cut, it gives a sense of pride knowing I'm living up to my heritage. 

I take pride in what I do and always aim to make my clients happy.

I am well versed in haircuts of all ethnicities and gender, also have experience as a location and simple braided hairstyles.

Let's make your haircut a memorable one.

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